The humidity was 127% as 9 stalwart men, including two FNGs ventured into the gloom.  There were signs of spandexed tomatoes following a clipboarder someone in the park.  But the mission was planned, and YHC with his WIB in hand called the time. We headed off into the early morning light.


A short slow jog to Andy and Opie for warm up including Side Shuffle Hops x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Mountain Climbers x 15 and Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 8 each direction.

After a quick warm up we found our way to an upper level pavilion, with a couple Robert Plants thrown in on the trip.  The Pavilion provided a nice place for Decline Merkins x 8, Alternating Left/Right Step ups x 10, Merkins x 8, Squats x 10, Incline Merkins x 8, Alternating Left/Right Step Ups.  It was so much fun we did it again.

Leaving the Pavilion we journeyed to Pain Island for some Plank-O-Rama fun.  High Plank x 10, Putin x 8, Sarkozy x 8, Walking Plank x 5 x 5, Plank Jacks x 10,  a little more Putin and Sarkozy x 8 each, and finish it off with a simple Pete Chill Cut x 8.

From Pain Island our route took us to the Amphitheater with some walking lunges over the bridge.  The Amphitheater provided a great place for Windmills x 10, Dips x 10, Donkey Kicks x 10, and Jump Ups x 10.  There was such a great spirit of camaraderie we didn’t want to leave, so we did a repeato.

From the Amphitheater we hustled over to the upper parking lot, where we stumbled upon the tomato farm.  After some internal struggling by YHC whether to pull up a lawn chair and serve as an observer or continue on with the workout.  The other eight members of the PAX looked on expectantly (at the Q not the tomatoes…I think), so we proceeded with the beat down.  The next order of business was Line Jumps – Forward and Back x 10, Side to Side x 10.  Most of the PAX chose to keep their focus on the mission, and did not stare at the other workout group sharing the park.

Leaving the others to their business, we traveled to the tennis courts after picking up a souvenir from the rock pile.  Our souvenir added to the fun of Frankenstein Sprints, Overhead Presses x 10 and Squat with a Rock x 10.

We returned our rocks and headed over the playground for Mary.  Time was fleeting so we did a quick Hello Dolly x 10, LBCs x 10, Windshield Washers x 10, Freddy Mercury x 10, Peter Parkers x 10 and Parker Peters x 10



One of the FNGs is Orwell’s 13 year old 2.x.  This morning proved the point that Daddy really is a beast, and gets up in the dark to run around with a bunch of other mentally unstable men who push themselves to be stronger.

Spud’s younger brother joined the PAX , and so was quickly dubbed Tater Tot.  Glad to have you with us.

Great to have Hops join us from Charlotte.  Always great when men from other areas find their way to an RDU beatdown.  Brothers whose bond is forged in pain.