14 dead-dinosaur fueled machines carried our Pax to the meeting place. As the engines were silenced and the pack formed, beasts emerged…

Mosey from the parking lot to field. Circle up for a warm-up:
SSH x25
Imperial Walker x20
Windmill x15
Fazio Arm Circles x10 and reverse
Standard Merkin x10

The PAX form into 4 groups and take corner positions on a 20 x 20 yard square (marked by rocks). In a clockwise motion, each side of the square is traveled in a different beast form until each group has made it back to their starting position. Beast movements of the day were:
Bear crawl
Dragon Walk
Scorpion Walk
Gorilla run
Plank hold until all groups are finished plus a 10 count for good measure. Walk like a man to the next station, then repeat x2.

10 minute Indian run (renamed wolf pack run to keep with the beast theme, at the risk of offending Tarheel nation).
10 burpees
Fellowship pace back to the field for Mary:
20 count Rosalita, hold
20 count high slow flutter, hold
20 count dolly, hold
20 count low slow flutter
20 count Freddy Mercury
50 count LBC
10 count high plank
10 count low plank
10 merkins


Utah reminds us that Dawn Patrol will begin next Thursday at Laurel Hills park.

This Thursday is the last where Heavy Metal is our only regularly scheduled event. To mark the occasion, Money Hose has something special planned. You won’t want to miss it.

If I’ve forgotten anything, please post it in a comment.