As we bid farewell to July and turned to face August, nine of the faithful observed that the Gloom is already beginning to linger longer. Peering into that darkness, we sought the unknown. Our ailing Hi-Fidelity leader sent word to YHC that there was a hill just off-campus that needed finding…and climbing…and repeating. And so we went…

The Thang:
Fellowship pace down Horton Street in search of the alleged hill. High-knees, butt-kickers, and accel/decel strides were sprinkled in as the search continued. In hindsight, a critical miscue on a knowledge transfer (note to self, brush up on “left” versus “right”) lead us ~1.5 miles down the Capital Greenway and onto Glenn Eden Road before a hill suitable for our purposes was found.

The hill was attacked per pre-blast instructions, however, as so much time was, ahem, “invested” in finding this beauty, the Pax was only able to repeat the climb 4 times before it became necessary to make our way home. Based on the noted volume of grumbling and sarcasm, however, I believe everyone got what they came for. A faster-than-fellowship pace was taken home down Ridge Rd. to allow for a timely completion.


+ Many new workouts launching in the next few weeks. All are on the schedule. Most imminent is Catalyst, this Saturday.
+ Several calls for strength for Pax, family, and friends facing personal, professional, and medical challenges. These requests remind us both of the blessings we have all received and of our individual responsibility to be the support our community needs. Also reminds me of a quote I saw on Chong Li’s twitter feed, “Meaning is found most often in the company we keep.”

…Lastly, determined to find the hill Enron had intended us to run, I did a little post-Q reconnaissance. Jogged down Horton and turned LEFT on the Greenway and sure enough, about 0.25mi down there was a sign that said “steep grade ahead.” And I ran this hill. It may be slightly longer than our Glenn Eden hill, but the grade was not as hard. Well done Pax to put up with this wandering Q! In the end your efforts have given us not one, but 2 hills to repeat at Hi-Fidelity!