This workout was billed as Grady’s toughest ever!   Unbeknownst to most, Grady was actually asked to spend time with his M on Monday as she dealt with a tough milestone.  As a true HIM he put first things first and asked me to switch Qs.  We decided not to tell anyone in order to continue a long running joke at CDC’s expense for failing to show at Pre-Run a few weeks back after an emphatic hard commit.  Is it juvenile? Yes.  Should we let it go? Yes.  But it’s just too funny to us.

This Q was stolen directly from Papercut from a few years ago.  All credit goes to him if you liked it, if you didn’t then I screwed it up.

5 for Pre-Run.

5:43 … Where’s Grady?  CDC’s eyes light up with the thought of Grady fartsacking and missing his own Q.  5:44 … YHC reveals it was all a scam.  Let’s get to work.

Run to the Picnic Shelter for Warm-Up.  SSH x 5.  There is no time for more warm up.

The Thing:

Run the loop around the park 8 times with exercises at 3 stations (Park bench on the south end, by the volleyball court, back at the pavilion).  Do 9 of one exercise and 5 of another with the 2 of the latter before you begin.  Simple enough… here were the exercises:

Lap 1 – Burpees / LBC

Lap 2 – Std Mercan / Hand Release Mercan

Lap 3 – Diamond Mercan / Wide Grip Mercan

Lap 4 – Prisoner Squat / Star Jumps

Lap 5 – Sumo Jump Squat / Lunges

Lap 6 – Freddy Mercury / Dying Cock Roach

Lap 7 – Some ab exercise I can’t remember / Homer 2 Marge

Lap 8 – Just run.  This is not a race.  But it is a race.  You won’t be racing the other PAX, but racing yourself … on your very best day.  Remember the guy your were on your best day ever at F3.  Now go kick his ass.

Collapse in a heap when you return.  Have a nice day.

I look up to so many guys that I see in the gloom every Mon/Wed/Fri.  We’ve been having fun at CDC’s expense so I had to take moment to recognize that him not making an HC is funny because he is a rock.  A true cornerstone of F3 Raleigh.  If you every need him and he says he’s going to be there for you, you can count on him.  He’s as good as they come.  Love you brother.

The exercises for each lap of this workout equaled 27 and 17.  As in Proverbs 27:17  “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”  This was Papercut’s message that day a few years ago.  He reflected on it being tough to run one lap when he started F3, but by being sharpened by the PAX he could then run 8 laps.  Now he can do this without breaking much of a sweat.  I loved the message that day and have been wanting to do this for a while.  Today seemed like the perfect day to relive the message and let the PAX know how much they have sharpened me.  In particular Papercut.  He is as solid as they come and I try to be a little bit more like him everyday.  I love you too brother and appreciate you being the iron that sharpens so many of us each day in the gloom.