Some days you plan your Q with a profound message in mind, delicately woven into the exercises so the meaning becomes clear only as the workout comes to an end.  Some days you just want to have a little fun and celebrate March Madness.  Today was the latter.

8 for 4 Corners EC and 2 for Army Combat Fitness Training.

19 Pax circled up for a quick disclaimer about invigoration and seed planting.  Today would be March Madness starting with the First Four for Warm Up:

SSH x20
GM x8

Head to the track.  Leave the two center lanes for the lady runners.  Chivalry is not dead in F3.

The Thang
Round of 64.  Run a lap stopping in the turns and midway through the straightaways for 16 mercans each: Standard, Hand Release, Wide Grip, Diamond

Round of 32. 8 Prisoner Squats, Star Jumps, Sumo Jump Squats, Double Count Lunges

Round of 16. 4 Burpees, Double Mercan Burpees, Triple Mercan Burpees, Quadruple Mercan Burpees

Round of 8. 2 Man Maker Burpees per stop

The Final Four is special and held in a special venue…. follow me.

At the Stadium (alright, the courtyard in the school).. the Final Four is bear crawl the length of the first wall of the rectangular courtyard, broad jump the next, crab walk the third and lunge walk the last.

Championship Game – Final 2: Line up on the wall for People’s Chair – 16 count then BTTW – 10 Count

Before the 1 Shining Moment … a brief ode to my Alma Mater who has 7 banners flying in the Dean Dome.  Set of Classic Sevens with mercans and squats in the courtyard.

In honor of CDC who couldn’t join us we also did a set of 2s.  One burpee on each side.

Now for the Champion.  #1.  Back to the Track.  1 100 Meter Sprint.  All you got.

Wrap up back at the Parking Lot with Mary.  Plank, Nipplers, Peter Parkers, American Hammers.

We were light on announcements and prayer requests today.  Quick acknowledgement of Ringo and Aquaman participating in St. Baldricks. Ringo was there to show off the new do and it looked great.  Well done young man!

As always, humbled and honored to lead.  Thanks for letting me have a little fun with you guys today.