YHC has been feeling better, getting healthy and stronger. Good timing with Sasquach training hitting the next stage! Events are coming up and more mumble chatter of PAX attending local and nearby events is exciting to hear!

EC: Dirty Pipes wanted to extra mileage, today we got 6.3 miles in with the increased pace.

The Thang:

Warm up: Butt kickers, High knees, Dynamic glut stretch (walking knee squeeze), squats each x10 in cadence.

Indian run to Grove Park

4 corners Deconstructed Burpees (Use 4 corners of the Grove park) 1st corner: 10 Merkins,  2nd: 10 Tuck ups  3rd corner: 10 Squat jumps,  4th corner: 10 Burpees.  Sprint between each corner.  Plank for the six.

Rinse and Repeat but in reverse: Burpee, Squat Jump, Tuck ups, Merkins and Al Gore for the six.

Plank Leap Frog with Merkin (PAX lines up in plank, single PAX jumps over all the legs and then the PAX does a Merkin after each round.  40 yards for full effect.

Mosey to Stage  for Modified Cindy: 5 min AMRAP  5 rows with railing, 10 Merkins, 15 Squats

(Pain Train Called during Cindy) 5 Burpees

Down to grass for Modified Dora (100: Mountain Climbers count only the left, 200: LBC’s, 300 Freddy Mercury) instead of jog out and back. Lunge to YHC hat 15 yards away.

Up downs for the six with PAX taking turns calling the down.

Scout Run back to PK Vyas Park, ran past the flag 100 yards and when the PAX made the turn YHC call Jailbreak for a sprint to the flag.  Off grid claimed he hadn’t sprinted since his Glory Days.

Mosey to grass for 6 minutes of Mary, PAX led.

Total distances between 1.5 miles to 2.3 miles from the PAX.

BOM/COT: Continued illness and injuries, Prayer for sick families, Prayer for Ben, Prayers for events at local churches coming up.

Annoucements: The Mule, LiveWell Free 5k, Sasquach, BRR, Local mens events coming up.

Moleskin:Great work by everybody, impressed the 2.0’s kept up and push the PAX at times!  Great weather felt great today and the PAX is getting stronger right before some events, let’s represent.