19 PAX, including 3 FNG’s and a father/son duo from North Charlotte decided to make the most out of Flag Day by posting at Carroll Middle School.  Special thanks to Trinity Baptist and North Hills Club for the use of their fine facilities this AM. The pool’s only been open 3 weeks but YHC decided that our May snack bar bill justified the use of the picnic shelter and hard courts for this morning’s workout (permission secured and granted earlier in the week).  The water fountains came in handy too, if I might be so bold…..

The thang:

Grab 3 kettlebells (2 30s and a 20) and run up Six Forks to Trinity Baptist.  Ground rules for the hour — kettlebells get passed around and don’t hit the ground unless instructed.  If you have a KB when we stop, do KB swings while the rest of the PAX exercise in cadence.  Circle up for:

SSH x 30, SSH, GM x 15, Mountain Climber x 20, Windmill x 15, Merkin/Frog plank 11’s OYO, plank.

Indian run with KB pass down Manchester to Rampart to North Hills Club picnic shelter.  Grab a spot on the picnic table for;

Irkin X 25, derkin X 15, single leg squat left and right x 15, irkin x 20, derkin x 10, prisoner squat x 15, box jump/dip 11’s OYO, plank.

Run to hard courts and partner up.  Long court (4) suicides while partner 1 does people’s chair.  Flapjack.  Three court suicides while partner does balls to wall, flapjack.  1 minute people’s chair, all PAX.
Run down Yadkin to Northbrook, 10 burpees OYO at corner, or KB swings if you were lucky to be holding at the time.

Run up Northbrook — 50 yard lunge walk to corner.  Toe taps/fast feet on curb in cadence x 20.

Squats while waiting to cross Six Forks.  Bear crawl in for Mary:

LBC x 30, heels to heaven x 20.


Great to have 3 FNGs and Toxic/The Dragon with us this morning – come back often.

Props to the Komen runners this AM — if you or your family haven’t been impacted by breast cancer in one way or another, you probably will.

Prayers for Simon Everett and family.  Prayers for Ducktail and a group of disabled vets riding bikes 700+ miles from Ottawa, ON to DC late next week.

In honor of Father’s Day tomorrow, YHC shared an edited devotion on fathers, courtesy of Kelly Hancock from faithfulprovisions.com.

My favorite Father’s Day quote is this one from author Ruth E. Renkel: “Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance.”

The greatest thing a father can do is to model servanthood. People get tied into thinking successful fathering is about what a man can do for his family materially. It’s easy to see that selfish children, in their immaturity, would believe that to be the case. But there are many men today who misinterpret their role in much the same way. That is not success. Success is about the example a man sets for his family. Have you noticed how children mimic what they see? We become what we see lived out before us because that is what we know.

Fathers give their daughters confidence.  For a woman, when a dad loves her well and leaves her a legacy of love, it leads to a positive body image, healthy relationships, and the understanding that it is safe to trust her heavenly Father.

Fathers give their sons a standard for manhood. Our boys are hearing the culture tell them it’s okay to be a biological dad but there’s no responsibility to be a committed father. But for them to understand who God created them to be, they need to have  a daddy paving the way for them, laying the groundwork of responsibility and love and integrity.

A father models a right relationship with man and with Christ for his kids. And that is the richest inheritance. You can’t buy it. You can’t rent it. You can’t be “grandfathered” in. For the father who decides to model a Christlike life of service, he leaves his child with a blessed life–a great life. He sets his child up for success, for excellence, for favor. A poor dad who loves Jesus and lives out His truth in his everyday life is the richest dad of all, leaving a lifetime of blessings for his children.

Read more at http://faithfulprovisions.com/my-favorite-fathers-day-quote/#pC6Y9gqx1ao2VFEm.99