As the Pax of 5 gathered at Pullen preparing to head to The Healing Place for The Arena, Maize humbly requested more of a “stroll” pace during the run over due to his recovering GoRuck training injuries.  Turns out Maize’s “stroll” pace is more like a sprint for the rest of us so there was some audible mouth breathing taking place as we arrived at the THP parking lot.  Although there were no signs of Freebird, Uncle Si, Teddy, or other FNG’s ready to step in, we did a little recruiting among those waiting on the steps and in the courtyard later.

Warmup:  Seal Jacks x20, Good Mornings x15, Mountain Climbers x15, Standard Merkins x10

The Thang:

No sign of the normal rock pile in the parking lot, so we strolled over to the field on Goode St. and grabbed some man size rocks for a little Pass the Rock session.  Curls x10 – pass; shoulder press x10 – pass, tri press x10 – pass, shoulder press x10 – pass.

Head over to the volleyball court.  Bear crawl to corner 2, side plank crawl to corner 3, backwards bear crawl to corner 4, side plank crawl back to corner 1.

Power pole suicides at the Maize stroll pace.

Make our way over to former hospital on Dorothea Dix campus for:  Stumps x12, Steps Ups x20, Balls to the Wall x12, Quick Feet on the curb x20.  Broad jump to other end of building, lunge walk back.  Back to the THP interior courtyard to finish off with Mary.

Mary:  LBC x20, Hollow Rocks x10, American Hammer x20.

Brief COT followed by the final stroll back to Pullen.

An honor to Q The Arena and always a fun outing.  I encourage those of you who have not yet taken a turn as a Q for The Arena to sign up here: