A view up Rangecrest Drive. Everyone’s favorite street.

Nothing special about today’s workout at The Crucible. No themes. No unique use of hardscape. Just another opportunity to put your shoulder into it and push.

YHC was excited to see 17 PAX post this morning, including two FNGs. After a brief introduction and a reminder from Cinderella that I can’t be sued (although I doubt it… didn’t Fazio say you could sue for phantom whiplash?), there was time for an even briefer COP due to the off campus activities planned.

SSHx20, Windmillx20, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10 forward and x10 reverse

Mosey across Lynn Road and commence an Indian Run for the approximate 1/2 mile trail to the bottom of Rangecrest Drive. For those that posted at the first Ethanol, there was considerable grumbling along the way. You can thank Cornholio for adding this beast to our repertoire.

Plankorama at the bottom of Rangecrest Drive… Regular, Putin, Sarkozy, Regular for about a 30 second hold each. Then it was announced that we would be doing 11’s with Merkins at the top and Heels to Heaven at the bottom. YHC was asked if I in fact meant 11. It is 0.10 mile one way after all. And yes, it was to be 11. Let me say that everyone really leaned into this one. There was a lot of extra effort observed today. This exercise took a little longer than expected, so we cut it short after about half the PAX finished and started up another Plankorama. However, I believe everyone was within one or two ascends of completing the entire set. Aye!

Fellowship pace run (for most of us… not counting the eager beavers… you know who you are) back to the parking lot at Williams Park and Prisoner Squats until all arrive. Mosey over to the rock pile by the tennis court. Grab an appropriate size rock and circle up for Jack Webb. We did a ladder from 1 to 5 and back down (Diamond Merkins and Shoulder Presses).

Just enough time was left to circle up for one set of Mary. Thanks to Duff for introducing the Hollow Rock to me and for Maize leading the 10-count. I was a certified mouth breather by then.


Happy Birthday Ebola!

Welcome FNGs Magnum and Sherwood! Hope to see you both out again soon.

YHC shared a verse from Nehemiah 8:10, “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” This tells me that God wants a relationship not a rule follower. He desires us to enjoy all that He has shared with us… the Gloom, the comraderie, the encouragement. We all face adversity, but when we do it together and find our source of joy in Him, we can endure and overcome so much more. This “Says easy, does hard” I know, but it makes a difference.

It is both an honor and privelege gentlemen.

Orwell took us out in prayer in fine fashion as always.

P.S. I had announced it would be “Ugly T-shirt Day” and a prize would be awarded to the ugliest t-shirt. Seems I was the only one that fell for it. Anyway, Ebola was given the prize since it was his birthday. Ask him about it sometime. I definitely want to see it at another workout soon!

P.P.S  We really need a good name for Rangecrest Drive. It’s a mutha.