Extra Credit
Trot up the ramp to top level
4 exercises repeated 4x each. 20 seconds ‘on’ and 20 seconds active recovery (squat hold).
-Mummy Kick/Squat Hold x4
-Frog Plank/Squat Hold x4
-Star Jump/Squat Hold x4
-Burpee/Squat Hold x4

Back down stairs to pick up the regular-timers

SSH IC x20
Mountain Climber IC x20

Off we go, have a lot of ground to cover*

*Since agreeing to Q the Flood Zone almost two months months ago, I decided that I wanted to figure out a way to make it to Sisyphus. From the back of Crabtree to the base of Sisyphus is approximately 2.8 miles round trip. Could we run from Crabtree to the back of NH Park via the Greenway? Sure. Easy. But F3 already has a running workout in West Raleigh on Friday so I feel as though I’d be cheating the men that showed up to Flood Zone and asked them to simply run for for a bulk of the workout. The guys that show up to Flood Zone are different than the fine gentlemen of Wolf Run. I mean, looking out among the FZ Pax, I didn’t see any yellow shoes, compression shorts, tank tops, or white-framed sunglasses. These guys wear the same dirty clothes all week and expect to be sore by 6:30 with muscles testing the fabric of their shirt…kinda like White Shoe. There has to be a way to get to Sisyphus AND deliver a beating. My kitchen was turned into a war room. Greenway maps, notes, scribblings, calculations, schematics, flow charts, etc were thumbtacked to the cabinets and walls. Most nights I was up at 1 am, wearing one of those green dealer visors and eating spaghettios out of a can as I pore over the latest topography updates from the city with only the glow of a desk lamp as the pleas from the M to come to bed, Maggie the Cat-like, were largely ignored. Finally it came to me. Covering much of the distance with a marching gun show. It just might work.

Picking it up where I left off…
Run from the warm-up area to the overpass with the rocks. Pick one out that we’d like to get to know better over the next 35-40 minutes.
-Marching Curl IC x15
-Marching Press IC x15
-Offset Merkin Left IC x10
-Rock Swing (think kettle bell) IC x15
-Offset Merkin Right IC x10
-Short Run
-Marching Curl IC x15
-Marching Tricep Extension IC x15
-Marching Press IC x15
-Offset Merkin Left IC x10
-Bent over Row IC x15
-Offset Merkin Right IC x10

I might have some of the above wrong but it was at about this point when I looked at my watch and decided that we were probably going to have to abort the Sisyphus thing. It was still a quarter mile away. Maybe we should make our way back and run some ramps or something. YHC was a little choked up when he was encouraged to press on. We left our rocks on the side of the trail and ran the distance. I had not intended to TAKE Sisyphus…only to gaze upon its majesty from the base and turn around. But being big and slow I was middle (or back)-of-the-pack so before I had a chance to instruct otherwise, the Flood Zoners took Sisyphus. As I was ascending and saw Pax planked out waiting on their FZ brethren, I wondered what sorts of pillow fights and baton-twirling routines the Fallon Park crew were engaged in.

Having taken the hill, we descend and run the quarter mile back to our waiting rocks

Marching Curl IC x15
Marching Press IC x15
repeato a few times until we get to the overpass for Remote Mary.

We allowed some greenway walkers to pass. One admired our big rocks while the other told us to make sure we put the rocks back where we found them.

Big Boy WWII Situps (w/ rock) IC x 15
Big Boy Overpass Hammers (w/rock) IC x 15

Run back to Crabtree while performing a count-off since we were cutting it close time-wise.

That’s all, folks. And thanks for putting up with the Flood Zone-to-Sisyphus dream. Over 3 miles covered including Sisyphus.

Sign up for the Komen Race for the Cure F3 Team. I understand Orwell HC’d today. Here is the sign-up:   F3 Team Race For The Cure

Thanks to ManRam for taking us out