YHC arrived at Hopebuilders an hour early.  Erika was out front planting flowers and her first comment was “You are Early!”.  She and I talked, and she shared that Pack Man recently drew a picture of how Dufresne would look when he gets to Heaven.  Seeing the Hope and Joy in Erika’s eyes and hearing it in her voice in the midst of where she and her young children are with Jim is such a real time/real life example/witness of someone who is Walking It….vs. talking it.

Erika shooed me away so she could finish her flower pot planting, and I went inside.  Murse Chris was downstairs and told me to go on up and he would be up in 15-20 to wake up Dufresne and help him with many things.  I went upstairs and for the first time met Ms. Martin, Dufresne’s Mom.  We talked quite a bit about not understanding a lot of times God’s Plan, and it was so apparent to me again (as it is with Erika), that Ms. Martin is also one who “Walks IT”!  Jim didn’t wake up, and he looks so very weak.  We also talked of all the Blessings Dufresne has been to so many, and it won’t be long before he sees how he has moved so many hearts….a bunch of them being many men who have shown up over the last year with funny names like Tony Robbins, Maize, Cinderella, White Shoe, etc.   Ms. Martin said she is Praying for our Father in Heaven to take him, and coming from Jim’s mom this was again a moment for me that I won’t soon forget.

Murse Chris came up and we talked, and then I left.  The more I am around Murse Chris, the more I see him as a Giant of a Man.   I asked Ms. Martin and Murse Chris to tell any PAX who showed up at the correct 5:00 time that today’s assigned HopeBuilder’s Q had his head up is butt and got the time wrong, so if any of you guys showed up let me know so I can put you down as an attending PAX.

Make every effort guys to go by sometime.  We can’t DO anything, other than Love UP on everybody there; but don’t underestimate what that may mean.         I was thinking of this when I drove away:  When I see ole Dufresne when I get to Heaven someday, I expect he will greet me standing strongly upright, wearing an F3 Shirt and the first thing he will say is “Quoting Johnny Utah here”…….LET’S DO THIS.   And off we will go.