Old Chapel Hill Road Park was hopping this morning at 30 pax from across F3 Nation filed in to join 8 FNGs.  38 pax in all began the day right with a beatdown courtesy of Adolphus and Riggs.  And off we go…

The Thang:

Quick welcome from Adolphus

Imperial walkers
Mountain climbers

Mosey on down the path to the PAINground…

Line up along the path, 2 men at a time go and knock out 10 pull-ups a piece while the rest do exercises including…
Air squats
Jump lunges
Slow merkins
Carolina Dry Docks
Long slow flutters
Russian hammers
Jacked up Jack Webb

Mosey on back to the field…

Circle up for a plank city
Mountain climbers x 15
Peter Parkers x 15
Slow merkins x 5
Repeat mountain climbers and PP, add Spiderman merkins x 10, then standard merkins x 10

Bear, gorilla, bear, sprint back
Rinse and repeat

Low flutter
Hello Dolly


– YHC is grateful to all of F3 Nation for the help in launching The Resurgence.  Awesome to have 8 FNGs out there!
– Lo Pair (brought by Au Pair and considerably shorter) is one of my new favorite names.  Also Shark Suit…and Tinactin…
– Tclaps to all of the Charlotte pax who made the drive this morning, some starting as early as 3:45, to support this launch.  Awesome, brothers, really humbled by that…
– Tclaps to the Raleigh and Briar Creek pax for joining us, too.  The energy of 38 pax is pretty awesome!
– Tclaps to Wonderland for finishing the rest of the workout after spilling the merlot in the middle.  Don’t worry, brother, you aren’t the first, you won’t be the last, and it only gets better from here.  Another great name for an FNG, incidentally, and probably would get YHC’s nod for favorite FNG name were it not for the ones mentioned above.
– Per Cinderella, the Peter Parkers we were doing were actually Parker Peters.
– Tclaps to Rodeo for graduating lawyering school.  We’ll miss you here in Churham!
– Let’s keep the momentum going with this thing…Churham is back!