19 strong today at Lourdes of Discipline. The highlight of this workout for me was the part that wasn’t planned – the spontaneous race back to Lourdes. Q Tip busted out of the PAX in full bore sprint and others chased.


Jog to Kiwanis for beta test of 3 man merkin/CDD challenge (10 mins) – total reps ranged from 500s to 900s. I borrowed this one from M’s crossfit class but it just didn’t work. It was probably a 9 on the Myrtle meter but not worth repeating by any other standard.

Jog to shelter for 3 rounds of the following: Pull Ups x 5; Derkins x 10; Irkins x 15; Dips x 20

Jog to basketball court for Mary: LBCs x 30; LSF x 20; Rosalita x 20; American Hammer x 20; Heels to Heaven x 20

Plankorama: Plank Jacks x 20; Regular/Sarkozy/Putin; Nippler x 20; Low Plank Hold

Jog back to Lourdes with stops for Balls to Wall x 20 and Dips x 30.

COT: Thanks to Azul for leading us in prayer, with a quote from Malcom X no less.