This past Friday marked the Arena’s 2nd afternoon since moving from Saturday mornings. And though we didn’t quite hit the 26 fng’s we had for the first round, 2 fng’s, 6 from last month, and 8 Raleigh PAX rounded us out to a nice 16.

With the shovel flags planted we made our way through the building to the courtyard, where the action was.  Being greeted by several familiar faces, some who would be joining us, some who couldn’t do to their kitchen work commitments, and some who just weren’t ready for an f3 beat down again, YHC called the group to order in the grass beyond the fountain.  After a brief disclaimer and an introduction to the fng’s, the work began.

The Thang:

SSH x 15, Good Afternoons x 15, IW’s x 15, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10 F/R, and standard Merkins x 10.

Head to the power line field and think burpies. Interval run to get started; 5 burpies at the first pole, 10 merkins at the next, and 15 burpies at the top, plank and hold for the pax.

R&R to the baseball field at Dix for a little base running in honor of the World Series.

Divide into two teams, Giants & the Royals.  Our work would start with the Giants in peoples chair while the Royals ran the bases stopping at each for an exercise, 5 reps at 1st, 10 at 2nd, and 15 or 20 at 3rd depending on the call. then flap jack.  To the best I can recall without a Weinke here goes the stations, burpies at 1st, squats at 2nd, & merkins at 3rd. For the remaining 3 loops, we did LBC’s, more burpies, Dan Jansen’s, ski abs, 20 monkey humpers at 3rd (audible via Orwell), and several more with burpies in each loop somewhere. The waiting team also alternated between peoples chair and BTW.

R&R back to the top of the hill for another interval stroll back to the bottom, 5 burpies, 10 burpies, & 15 burpies. Plank it out and wait for the pax.  R&R back to the grass in the courtyard where we started.

Mary: hammer x 25, 6 inches, done!

COT:  YHC is making his way through the life of Moses in his bible study this year, and as always God’s timing is perfect.  YHC gave the Cliff Notes version of the first 18 chapters of Exodus, right up to where God has brought the Israelites through the Red Sea on dry ground and had preformed many miracles in their direct site ,but what did they do, they grumbled, they complained, they didn’t trust.  What a great representation for our lives, how soon we forget the work God has done in our lives, even days earlier.  We begin to grumble instead of trusting in the only God able to save 2 million people by parting an ocean so that they could pass on DRY ground.  Instead, if we stand back and look at our troubles from a different vantage point, we see that God wants there to be no chance of anyone other than Him being able to save us.  And more than that, what lesson can we learn from that tough spot, what tool can we receive from dealing with that person we find toughest to work with, where is God leading us in the desert.

Orwell led us out with a mighty prayer to the Great I Am, thanks for #beingpresent!

NMM:  Great work by all today, several Raleigh regulars noted the bad decision to have a big lunch & then come to workout.  Welcome to our fng’s Pyle & BB, great work by both and a shout out to Torch, Wildcat, Red Sea, Billy Bass & Big Poppy for making there way back to the afternoon gloom.  Lots of men at THP were doing many different outdoor activities, & several calls went out during our time together from THP f3ers to encourage them to join in with us.  A possible strategy may be to get to the AO about 10 minutes earlier to try to encourage these and more men to join in, they all seemed to like a little healthy competition. Thanks again to those Arena regulars, and to those there for the first time.  If you haven’t tried it, go to the schedule and sign up, if you are a regular and want to Q, sign up for that too!

Country Wide out.