It was a brisk fall morning when a PAX of 11 made the decision to forgo creature comforts of a warm house and hot coffee to freeze among nature and sweat therein.

It all began

SSH x25
good mornings x25
Imperial walkers x 20
merkins x 25
Mountain climbers x 25

The music started to play and things got hairy
on the jog to the wall

Balls to wall merkins style x 15
peoples chair x 30
Ball to the wall Merkins style x 10
peoples chair x 30

Then a leisurely jog to find some big rocks by the soccer field
instructions were clear, “find a big rock”

Curls x 10
overhead press x 10
Curl over head combo x 10
Then Repeat and drop the rock

Next, we to the short jog to far end of the soccer field and set up some cones for our Distance suicides.

Run to the cone Merkins x 5 back to base line, run to 2nd cone 5 merkins x 5 back to base line, all the way up the hill merkins x5 back to base line and plank it out till last man finish.

completed same mantra with prisoner squats, diamond merkins, & in honor of floppy Burpees

One PAX must of heard the plan, because once he got to the top of the hill he kept going. The mystery was on, and we all had a few ideas of what happened. once we found our PAX it was funny, but not quite as interesting.

recovered with some Merry
LBC’s x 20
6 inch hold x 20

took the run back to home base and finished off with
merkins x 20 with a down and hold with a count around the circle


Great work out and appreciate the patience of the PAX for the Debut of the brothers Q! Who knew counting to 3 was so hard! We lifted up some prayer requests and Green Eggs took us out!