Pre-workout mumble chatter was aplenty the night before on Twitter, with a couple of brave Pax poking fun at the Q for both his moniker and his age.  This was not coming from FNG’s or green Pax either, it was two seasoned vets who apparently have not learned the valuable lesson to never incite the Q the night before his workout.  Here’s what went down.


Run up Millbrook sidewalk to upper parking lot.  Along the way, we had a man down – Orwell tweaked his ankle something good (payback for mumble chatter? lame attempt to get out of workout, knowing what’s coming? – I know – not very sensitive, but my man Orwell can take it). Officer Hightower and Friar Tuck stepped up and carried him back to base parking lot.  Rest up and get healthy brother.

Seal Jacks x 20, Good Mornings x 15, Mtn Climbers x 20, Star Plank x 10, Merkins x 10


Partner up at one end of parking lot.  Prepare for a Suicide Medley.  Each suicide includes three stops – 1st parking lot line, 2nd parking lot line, and other end of lot.

Medley 1 – partner A sprints to each stop, backward run back.  partner B seesaw lunges right leg until A finishes.  Flapjack

Medley 2 – same thing, but with seesaw lunges left leg for waiting partner

Medley 3 – partner A lunge runs to first line, backwards run back, bear crawl to 2nd line, backward run back, broad jump to 3rd line (ouch) and backward run back.  Partner B switches between squat hold and plank hold while waiting.  Flapjack

Medley 4 – partner carry suicides.  Switch carrying partner every time you change direction.

Jog to pull up bar field via Dam Hill crossing, with a 10 count of merkins sprinkled in.

Mystery Burpee Circuit

Four corners of burpees, but Pax were unaware of each exercise until they arrived at the light marking each corner.

Corner 1 (timer) – Burpee Pull-Ups x 5 for each Pax, waiting Pax do star jumps.  Rotate

Corner 2 – Standard Burpees AMRAP

Corner 3 – Ski Ab Burpees AMRAP

Corner 4 – Hand Release Burpees AMRAP

Circle up for standard merkins x 15 and star plank x 15.


Reverse LBC x 30, Hollow Rocks x 20, American Hammer x 30.  Finito.


Mule was a success – lots of miles put it – congrats again to all who participated.

F3Connect is next Wednesday 11/5 from 11:30 – 12:30 at Mia Francesca North Hills.

Prayer requests for Orwell’s ankle, Villa’s M, Howard, Ho Jo, and YHC’s niece (missing one?)

Man Ram took us out strong as always.

Always a pleasure to Q True Grit – appreciate the opportunity to show how us old men do things.