Warm up: 10x SSH, 10x Good morning, 10x SFAC, 10x Reverse SFAC, 10x Mountain climbers

Tha thang: Jog around Moore Square – reverse Jog 1/4, Deep Squats 20x halfway. Then- jog to parking deck of choice. Bus Station deck: 3 laps of partner chases: 1- 5 merkin chase up to the top (9 floors) regular run 40x deep squats per pair at the top then 6′ leg hold for 10 sec /5 sec rest until all pax have completed squats. 2- 5 LBC chase – the partner being chased runs backwards 40x deeps squats at the top, same 6″ rhythm until everyone finishes. 3- 5 SSH Chase – both partners shuffles sideways the whole time 40x Nipplers at the top.

COT: Prayers for: Dufresne, Jeff & David Leonard, Healing for lots of injuries, case worker to allow Kujo to go with Orwell to get new shoes, that F3 be a place where men feel comfortable confessing and confronting sin, and that we remember only God can fulfill us.

Thanks to all PAX who put in a solid effort through the pain and put in a solid group prayer at the end. An excellent way to start the day…

Announcements- Sign up for the Mud run 10/4. There’s a Mule after that at some point. Posting is good.