As YHC began to work the lot at Pullen to encourage f3ers to join us in the Arena, I was informed of the Shagaversery that was about to take place, there would only be one taker and not sure Bobber knew what he was in for.  As the Pullen crew began to circle up, YHC plus 3 PAX began the yog to the Arena.

We arrived to realize none of THP’s finest would be joining us either, though we did have a little banter with one of the clients who thought a 30 minute workout wasn’t quite enough for him, even at YHC’s tender encouragement he chose to stay on his course to the morning meeting.

The Thang:

Head to the courtyard for warm ups; SSHx25, Good Mornings x 10, Imperial Walkers x 15.

Find a spot on the bench for 2 sets of dips x 15 and L/R step ups x 15.  Jog to the Lake Wheeler Road field.

Interval run to the top, 5 burpies 1st pole, 10 merkins 2nd, 10 burpies at the top, plank and hold while waiting for PAX.

Jog to the old Broughton hospital building for the next round of work; quick feet on brick ledge x 15, derkins x 15, repeto.  Next we circled up for a new exercise Epoxy read about, side plank, one arm one leg merkins x 5 on each side.  Head to the other side of the interior lot for BTW 10 count through PAX.

Jog around back towards the fule pumps only to stop for a little peoples chair on a chain link fence.  Continue the jog to the rocks by the tracks, grab a rock and get comfortable.  Squat presses x 12, extensions x 12, curls x 12 repeto x 10.  Big Boy Jack Webs 4 – 1, repeto.

Head back to the courtyard for Mary, LBC x 30, Russian Hammer x 15, Rosalita’s x 10, done

COT:  YHC reminded the PAX that though no one joined us, being present is the name of the game for now, and also that as God’s word reminds us that we sharpen each other in the gloom and will be better able to serve those who will join us in the future.

Jog back to Pullen