Three brave survivors of yesterday’s burpee beatdown (and one guy who flew home through a nor’easter) emerged from the pre-dawn gloom for another does of pain…

The Thang:


800M (non-fellowship pace)

SSH, merkins, walkers, mountain climbers (x20)


Three stations, three rotations

1. Rope climb (last round x2)

2. 45 lb. kettle bell swings (x20)

3. Hill lunges with either the slosh pipe or maple limb in tow (above your head, of course)


WWII situps, Freddie Mercuries, Russian Hammers (x20)

LBCs (x50)

800M (at what could be regarded as an anti-fellowship pace)



YHC spent the last week in NYC getting slow, lazy, and fat (in fairness to me, i was also getting married).  Today’s late start was the tangible evidence of this.  Apologies.

T-claps to the PAX for continuing to master the art of rope climbing.  It may not be the most valuable skill for your daily lives, but neither is lugging six bricks around in a backpack during a workout, or running a marathon without training, or paying someone to let you to crawl through mudpits under razor wire, or doing 1020 burpees to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, etc, etc, etc… #CSAUP.

Our attempt to raid MoneyHose’s basement for coupons wasn’t a total disaster…but it was close. #epicQfail