Authored by Munson

Start with long warm-up jog (“Munson, do you understand that there are supposed to be exercises worked into the run?”) to cold handrail

Alternating handrail pull-ups (15x), dips (20x), pull-ups (12x), dips (25x), pull-ups (10x), dips (30x).

Run to Grassy Meadow.

Merkins with a clap (10x), immediately followed by standard merkins / girl merkins (35x).

30-second sprint, then mountain climbers (15x); 30-second sprint, then LBCs (20x); 30-second sprint, then mountain climbers (15x); 30-second sprint back to Grassy Meadow.

Standard merkins / girl merkins (25x).

Run back to cold handrail.

Alternating handrail chin-ups (15x), “tricep extension” (same as dips from before — given a new name for some reason; 20x), chin-ups (8x), “triceps” (same exercise as before – perhaps fatigue is wearing in?; 15x).

Run to Grassy Meadow II, up hill.

Munson winded; passes the torch to King David, for a little Mary (Rosalitas, LBCs, Dying Cockroaches, TD curls, )

Run back to cars.