Seven loyal Raleigh F3ers were greeting by driving rain, howling wind and pretty cold temps, which persisted throughout the workout.  The PAX loved every minute of it.  Numerous less tough Raleigh F3ers loved their fartsacks.  They will have to live with themselves and their shame for the rest of the day.  The PAX will live with their triumph and improved fitness levels.


Jog to upper parking lot.

SSH x 30, imperial walkers x 20; good mornings x 20; arm circles forward and back x 20; plank jacks x 20.  Mini jump up x 20; alternating left right step up x 20.

Jog to lower field.

20 merkins, 50 yard sprint, 10 squats – repeat 5 times.

Jog to stone circle for 3 Man Relay:  Man #1 does continuous 10 jump ups followed by 10 incline merkins and repeat continually until relieved; Man # 2 runs to upper field and tags Man # 3; Man # 3 is doing walking lunges on upper field until tagged by Man # 2, upon being tagged Man # 3 runs to stone circle to tag Man # 1 who stops doing jump ups and merkins and proceeds to run up and tag the man doing lunges.  One guy always doing jump ups/merkins; one guy always running; one guy always doing lunges.  Continue the cycle for 8 minutes.

 Jog to shelter: 2 dips x 15; 2 alternating left right step up; 2 incline merkins with a clap x 10.

Jog to lower field (which is a 100 yard pond as of 6:45 am).  100 yard sprint through the mud pond; 5 burpees; 100 yard spring back through mud pond.

Jog to 4.5 minutes of mary: LBCs x 20; freddie mercury x 20; WWII sit ups x 20; 6 inch hold 7 count all the way around; Hello Putin x 15; Hello Sarkozy x 15.

COT (standing)

Moleskin:  We have been averaging 25 or so at Ball Bearings for the last several months.  7 showed up today.  Holiday travel conflicts don’t account for all 18 absences.  Lots of fartsacking today.  Today was the rainiest, windiest, coldest combo I can remember in Raleigh in some time and it was actually great fun.  Lots of slogging around and jumping in puddles.   

Last minute adjustments were made to the workout as gassers by even a measly 7 PAX may have done in the upper field.  Tennis courts also too slick.  Fazio broke several beer bottles in the shelter which he left out from his Christmas party the night before – numerous obstacles. 

T-claps to the PAX for not complaining about running sprints through the pond.  That was pretty fun.  More burpees in the pond next time.