On this balmy Christmas Eve, 4 pax posted for another CORE workout behind enemy lines. It was requested that there be no running and, as YHC has promised in the past, the request was honored…and probably won’t be made again.

The Thang:

Warm up: SSHx50, IW x 20, SSH x 45, Merkin x 10

Mosey to the padded area for Rosa Dolly’s x 20

Spider web round the circle with Inverted Rows x 20, Flip Flop


t0 the wall

squat hold jumps x 5, danks, low dank holds, inclined merkins, decline sarkozy, decline putin. Repeato x 3

Lunge walk to the field. Take turns sprinting to and up the hill, perform 10 merkins, run back. The rest do core work. Flapjack x3 (WWII, Peter Parker Peters, LBC, Plank jacks)

Spider crawl a few yards

Stopwatch X2 with Danks at the bottom

lunge walk some more to the parking lot

SSH x 20, merkins x 10, SSH x 20, Rosalita x 10, SSH x 20, Six inch x 40, SSH x 20, something else, SSH x 20 in a very fast manner.

Peoples Chair x 30.


MOLESKIN: Great job guys. It is time to start doing the EH on our yankee friends to get them to post. It is unacceptable that our brethren across the containment area are sleeping in on monday when their abs definitely need to find their way to Walnut Street Park.

Good job on 45 minutes of mary and tons of SSH.

YHC humbly apologizes for the backblast delay and obvious omissions. There as a magic princess castle that had to be assembled.