Record turnout this morning with a PAX of 25.  Great job to everyone for pushing themselves and ultimately pushing everyone else.

Warm Up:  Jog around the side parking lot to the track for a lap and a half with a mix of karaoke and high knees.  The remaining warm up exercises consisted of SSH x25, Fazio Arm Circles x 10 forward x10 backwards, Windmill x15, and Around-the-Clock Merkins starting with 12 down to 1.

To really get the heart rate pumping, the PAX partnered up with someone of opposite speed.  The partners then separated at each end of the long straightaway off to the side of the school.  The called exercise was for partner 1 to sprint to the opposite end where partner 2 would then sprint back to the starting point.  The tops 6 partner finishers did 5 burpees and the last 6 did 10 burpees.  Immediately after completing the burpees the PAX did 2 more rounds of sprints and 3 rounds of back peddle races, all with 5 or 10 burpees after each.

For the second set of exercises each partner again lined up at separate ends of the straightaway and bear crawled to one another.  Each partner then jogged back to the starting point and then lunge walked to their partner.

The last exercise consisted of a Partner Plank 180, which boiled down to partner 1 getting in a plank position while partner 2 did a plank directly in front of partner 1 but put his feet on partner 1’s shoulders.  Partner 1 kept his feet in a pivot position while partner 2 then plank walked 180 degrees (motion of a semi-circle).  Each partner did this two times.

Mary: WWII’s x25, Low Slow Flutter x20, Box Cutters x15

COT:  Announcement for Q school this coming Sunday (2/12) and Luck Charms to take the Q at Nutcracker next week.