YHC saw an urgent message from Banjo…need a stand-in Q.  As a Wednesday Vesper was not in the cards due to early work meeting, YHC jumped at the chance.

Just…a week too soon.  Oh well, put together a semblance of a workout in a hurry and off we went. Timing devices synced up, let’s roll.

EC: Banjo, Asystole, and YHC set out to get a sweat on.

  • Jog over to the train station
  • SSH for a bit to loosen up
  • Good afternoons
  • Windmills
  • Mosey over to the crosswalk for a tribute to Sky Blue, the “Abbey Road Crosswalk Lunge” all the way to the train tracks
  • Some dips on the bench by the tracks
  • Mosey to the BO rockpile for some nontraveling rock work.  YHC chose a pebble to the boulders Banjo and Asystole picked.#manup
  • Time expiring, run over to the bank for a round of derkins
  • Run back over to the Joel Lane, weaving through the “pocket park”
  • Find our buddies awaiting instruction
  • Sweat=Success.

Warmup part 2

At flagpole

  • SSH x 20
  • Good afternoons x 10
  • Hillbillies x 15
  • Hacky Sack x 20
  • Hacky Sack x 20 outside
  • King David kick x 10

The Real Thang

  • Run to the kids
    • Mucho Chesto one round of 10 each IC (regular, diamond, wide, offset left, offset right)
    • Plank jack x 20
  • Run to the flagpole, start Wilt Chamberlain
    • 100 LBCs
  • Run to the kids
    • 100 sumo squats
  • Run to the flagpole via karaoke left/right, high knees, buttkickers, backwards run, forwards run
    • 100 flutter kicks (25 4-counts)
  • Run to the kids via Indian Run
    • 100 lunges (50 regular, 50 jump); at this point Asystole bugged out, actually going to make some cheddar while the rest of us played on
  • Mosey over to Ashworth’s Pharmacy, and beyond
  • Banjo’s Fartlek run from Billy Run start line up towards Community Center
    • One light, then 2, then 3, then 4, then 5.  YHC getting pretty gassed by now.

This was definitely leg day.  And shoulder day.  And AB day.

  • Regroup the PAX and run back to the bank for some step work
  • 10 derkins
  • 10 irkins
  • 10 ALRSUs
  • 10 count down the line of BTTW
  • Time expiring, regroup and head back to Joel Lane, blending in with the Bond Bros. run groups
  • Return to the flag, with a few minutes left.  Riptide’s there, so what do we do?
  • Bearcrawl up the brick ramp til halfway, then crawlbear up another 1/4, bearcrawl the last 1/4
  • Lungewalk it back down the ramp, then recover at the flagpole


  • Quick speed mary with 2 exercises called
  • 15 hammers
  • 15 box cutters

…and this is where the Q continued to fail…no name-o-rama.  So, we had Nutmeg, Banjo (Respect), Nabisco, Riptide, Asystole, and yhc Old Maid (apparently needing desperately the upcoming Q School on Sunday)

Announcements (which included Prayers)

  • Nutmeg’s daughter and stupid school stuff
  • Riptide’s friend’s mother who recently passed
  • Banjo’s newly-turned 21 year old daughter’s continued success
  • Others I’m sure I’ve forgotten, or were unspoken

YHC took us out, realizing as we were fist-bumping at the end that no name-o-rama took place.


YHC really needs Q school.  Badly.

Details are important.  Like, which day Banjo actually WON’T be there.  It wasn’t yesterday.  Not sure the PAX wants me to repeat yesterday.

YHC gave Banjo a future workout idea when we encountered the TOC solution to erosion.  I like his moxie.

100 LBCs is a lot of LBCs.  The PAX were creative in keeping us in check.  100 lunges is a lot of lunges.

Any of you single guys, come on out to Rush Hour and we’ll be sure to get you doing Monkey Humpers as the Bond Brothers runners come by on their first lap.  Guar-an-teed conversation-starter.  On that thought, I’d bet we could establish a FIA AO on Tuesday’s based on the comments we keep getting 😉

YHC needs to learn the standard greeting and departing handshakes.  Nabisco thought I was having a seizure for a minute there.

Covered some good ground today, about 3 miles in total.  Left the pain sticks alone.