12 men came out on this cold Saturday am. 24 degrees or so it said. Many others were running somewhere in Raleigh and willfully eating a dozen donuts…not this group. No, nothing to prove there. With some folks saying this AO would be cancelled earlier in the week, it was nice to see the group that gathered and ready to work.

Mosey down to lower parking lot. Standard warmup with the addition of windmills. Count off 1 thru 4. get in your groups for each number. A little red rover sending over formed. One man on each end of big parking lot. Those men are performing merkens while one man runs in between and tags a man and he becomes runner. Back and forth this went for 5 minutes. Then the group switched to lbc’s for another 5 minutes. Recover and plankhold around the group for 10 count each. Mosey to rockpile on stream. Ego rock. 10x rock curls, 10x rock rows, 20 merkens. Did that 3 times. Blue Star grabbed a boulder. It was something.

Mosey down trail. Callahan left. For real. He had enough. Oh well. A long mosey over to steps on dam. Partner up. P1 up steps and 20 squats and down. P2 6 inch leg hold. 5 minutes of this. back and forth. Switch it up to star jumps at the top and hammers at the bottom. Collect back at top. Indian run on dam top around lake to boat shelter. In partner groups, 100 merkens, 200 dips, 100 sumo squats. This took some time. Smoke came off shoulders. Recover on the jog to bottom of big hill. Bearcrawl up hill. Jog back to start and lots of boxcutters, and homer to marge.

COT and Prayers

NM: Blue Star was a stud. As was every man out there today. Great job. Coffeteria ensued at Panera. 5 made it there. Good chatter.