With the VSF planted and Cinderella rolling up to Roanoke Park rocking out to, well, something, 13 Pax set out into the darkness to tackle a Roanoke-style obstacle course.


Warm-up: No, thank you

Main Event:

After a brief lap around the park, inclusive of a high-level overview of the course, the Pax paired up to race through the course (Note: no resting at any time, if a Pax is waiting for something, 4-count flutter kicks instead):

  1. Starting line: Corner of the park closest to Money Hose’s house
  2. Sprint length of park to basketball court
  3. Bear crawl length of basketball court
  4. 3 x 8-count bodybuilders
  5. To the swing: 2 pull-ups, monkey crawl down and back, 2 pull-ups
  6. To the next swing: 2 pull-ups, monkey crawl down and back, 2 pull-ups
  7. 10 x burpee box-jumps
  8. Lunge walk 1/2 of boardwalk
  9. 20 x KB swings
  10. Lunge walk remainder of boardwalk to shelter
  11. 10 x pull-ups
  12. 10 x medicine ball tosses over backstop
  13. Bear-gorilla-bear to base of hill
  14. 10 x Mama Junk flips with partner
  15. Heavy Bag carry log-style to stop sign and back
  16. Partner carry (dealer’s choice) alternating all the way to Bickett Blvd.
  17. Lap around park back to basketball courts
  18. Back to #3 above…

Solid effort by the Pax this morning, it looked like about 1.25 laps were completed. #itwasnoteasy

Circle up for Mary:

  • Russian Hammers x 25
  • Freddies x 25



  • Money Hose today broke fashion tradition with many of Pax and decided to sport a collared shirt this morning, with the argument being that it is made of moisture-wicking “space shuttle” fabric.  When asked about why he was wearing a golf shirt, his defense began with, “No man, it’s a tennis shirt…”  Such a fashion statement has not been made at Heavy Metal since Pacman’s rocking of a sweater vest and khakis in November 2012.
  • Part of Heavy Metal is about innovation.  That said, beware that Heavy Bag’s range has now been extended to the entire park with Money Hose’s revelation that we can use a handtruck to cart Heavy Bag to anyplace we want.  The only issue is appearance – Chong Li seemed to think we were moving either: (a) a nitrous oxide tank (seriously), or (b) a bomb.
  • Mule next Saturday, 7am at Pullen