15 PAX showed up to Dawn Patrol for YHC’s virgin Q. Patrol Eve, YHC’s 2.5 year old daughter, who has been sleeping in her “big girl bed” with no night light for several months now, decided that she could tolerate the darkness alone no longer. It was a foreshadowing of events to come.

YHC learned that setting out into the darkness as point man is a far cry from hanging back amid PAX,. Falling up a hill (was that a rock, step or armadillo?) and searching in vain for a way out of the playground were just a couple of hard lessons learned. Suffice it to say, both YHC and daugher now have their very own night lights. Nevertheless, the PAX held strong as YHC bumbled and stumbled, figuratively and literally, while leading them out into the gloom.

The Thang:

Warm Up: Run around parking lot then to soccer field for SSH (X20), IWs (X20), Good Mornings (X20) & Sir Fazios (10F & 10R)

To the goal line:

  • Round 1 (PAX Pairs Off): Wheelbarrows Out, 10 Jump Squats (Both), Flap Jack, Come Back and 10 Star Jumps (Both)
  • Round 2:  Gorilla Walk Out, 15 Merkins, Turn Around, Gorilla Walk Back and 15 DryDocks
  • Round 3:  Bear Crawl Out, 15 Merkins, Turn Around, Bear Crawl Back and 5 Burpees

Recover on the run to the playground:  PAX splits into 2 groups and completes each station once (once was enough)

  • Station 1 (Picnic Shelter):  Decline Merkins (X15), Alternating Step-Ups (X20), Dips (X15), Alternating Step-Ups (X20)
  • Station 2 (Playground):  Pull Ups (Horizontal or Vertical–PAX Choice; AMRAP), Burpees Into Knee-Ups (X10); Repeato until Station 1 finishes

Wander aimlessly trying to get out of the playground in the dark, eventually make it out with help of PAX and then recover on the run (watch out for that armadillo) to The Wall:

  • People’s Chair–1 minute (Lie to PAX, saying it’s only 45 seconds)
  • Balls to the Wall–1 minute (Sin again)

Recover on the run to Basketball Courts:  Pax splits in half again and alternates stations for 2 rounds

  • Station 1:  Suicides (Round 1: X2; Round 2:  X1)
  • Station 2:  Single Leg Deadlifts (Round 1: 10 per leg X2; Round 2: 10 per leg X1)  (High Plank Hold Until Suiciders Finish)

Fall out and hand Q over to Utah for Mary of LBCs (X50) and Chilcutt (10 Count Per PAX)


  • The Mule is 10/5.  Per Bob Villa, if you can handle a standard beatdown, you can handle this.  Plus, Fazio will be serving refreshments and offering partner carries along the way.
  • PAX discussed what their dream gigs would be if money was no object and talent was not an issue.  Utah’s is to fly–not as in a fighter pilot like Pax Jenny, but as in a bird like Forrest’s Jenny..
  • ManRam led us out in most excellent fashion.
  • Claps to the PAX for hanging in there with YHC on his maiden Q.