The first morning where the PAX thought twice about shorts and t-shirts.  We were all cold and YHC did the best he could to warm up the PAX and ensure they were not cold.  While this wasn’t a filthy fifty as done 2 weeks ago, the total work was in the same ballpark.

Jog around the parking lot
SSH x17
Imperial Walkers x15
Good Mornings x13

Mosey to the big natural field for The Collection Plate which is 12 pain stations (each one a different cluster of trees) and we keep adding a new exercise at each one.

5 burpees (60 total)
6 merkins (66 total)
6 mountain climbers (60 total)
7 dry docks (63 total)
10 count plank hold
7 squats (49 total)
7 lbc (42 total)
7 ssh (35 total)
40 yard sprint (4 total)
3 diamond merkins (9 total)
10 russian hammers (20 total)
10 freddy mercury

Afterwards we went for a mile jog through the park to experience the hills and stairs.  We also did a 10 count incline merkin to break up the run.

Ending in the playground for Mary:
lbc x25
flutterx x25
donkey kicks x20 (not sure of the correct name)


Prayers for GreaseMonkey’s wife as she is having some health problems and issues with allergies.
October 5th is the Mule- the only place for all Raleigh PAX to be that morning.
CK continued to take from the collection plate as was put back in line by the faithful this morning.