19 PAX overslept and missed their van ride to the mountains for the Blue Ridge Relay. Some North Hills pain would have to do for our merry bunch. With 1 FNG present, a disclaimer was given and we took off.

Warm-up: SSH x25, GM x15, Imperial walkers x20, Mountain climbers x20

Mosey to the track. Count off by fours. Each group report to a corner of the track. 10 reps of an exercise at each corner and then sprint to the next one. Merkins, Star jumps, LBCs and Dry docks were the selection. Repeat twice around the track. Jog a lap to gather everyone up.

Next up, stairbarrows. Partner up, stairbarrow to the top, 5 merkins in wheelbarrow position, down the ramp and Flapjack. Each PAX had the opportunity to repeat 3 times. People’s chair at the top when done. Mercury’s x25.

Jog over to the bank steps. YHC had some trouble with his Math but after some correction explained we would be doing “8’s”. 7 merkins, run the steps, down the other side, 1 WWII sit up. Continue until you’ve reached 1 merkin, 7 WWII’s. Good prep for the stair climb. Plank hold when done, some Mary after. Balls to the Walls x25.

Crab walk a bit back over to Lassiter Mill. Ended up back in the parking lot behind Carroll. Some sprint relays there. Finish up with some Mary.

Probably missed something in here. That’s what happens when you don’t complete a BB promptly. Strong work by all, great to see 19 PAX post on a day where a significant contingent of PAX were gutting it out in the mountains. T-claps all around. Lots coming up including the MULE, 9/11 Stair Climb and Mud Run. It was an honor to lead you men, as always.

Nessman out.