With (actual) shovel flag planted, 13 PAX circled up on a muggy morning to get the weekend started right.  Several new faces to Pullen, disclaimer given, and we are off:

WARM UP:  SSH x 20, IW x 20, Good Morning x 20, Mtn Climbers x 20.  Jog around pond with some karaoke and lunge walks mixed in.


Line up at the bottom of the unnamed hill just across the tracks.  Partner up.  Partner 1 runs up hill, takes a left, makes a circle around and down to Partner 2 who is at the bottom of the hill doing AMRAP exercises.  Flap jack and repeat x 10.

AMRAP exercises were merkin, prisoner squat, wide merkin, squat hold, diamond merkin, Dan Jansen, stagger left merkin, Apollo Ohno, stagger right, prisoner squat.

Circle up on nearby grassy area for Mary (Round One). LBC x 25, flutters x 25, Freddie x 25, 6 inch leg hold x 5 around the circle.

Recover on the jog to the rock pile.  Three rounds of curls x 20, press x 20, Hello Dolly x 10.

Up to the tennis courts:  PAX 1 down all three courts, three burpees, run back.  PAX 2 BTTW. Repeat w Peoples Chair.

Start the jog back to the start, stopping along the way for some competitive Mary.  Flops calls for diamond merkin x 20.  YHC calls for 20 good form merkins.  In between, we did some box cutters, protractors, one other exercise I can’t remember.

COT.  Floppy is 51 (happy birthday, Brother).  Lifting up Flops daughter, BRR crew.  Nice to see several new faces out there.