Shooter passed the torch for the day, so that Marky Mark could lead 18 PAX for his inaugural Q on a misty Fetzer Field stage.

Warmup: SSH, imperial walker, arm circles forward and back, air squats, burpees

Jogged up to Hooker field, lined up on end line for Usain Bolts in groups of four. Sprints to far end while rest do merkins, parker peters, air squats, mountain climbers. Round 2 was bear crawl to mid-line for same rotation.  Then repeated both rounds again.

Jogged to opposite corner of field for a burpee pyramid: 2x4x6x8x10x8x6x6

Jogged to opposite corner for 20 short dips on curb, 10 irkins then repeated both.

Shooter led Four Corners, with 12 dry docks, 15 WWII’s, 15 diamond merkins, 15 merkins.
Circled up there for Mary: LBC, Homer-Marge, Rocky Balboa, Russian hammer, and back to LBC to close.

Welcome to new member of the PAX: Keaton.