It is time to raise the CSAUP bar….

Sign up now for a Custom F3 GORUCK Heavy on 3/13/15

GORUCK Heavy is the Ultimate Team Event.  A heavy is 24+ hours, 35+ miles and allows Cadre to teach more leadership and teamwork under stress.

As F3 we have completed 7 custom GORUCK Challenges and 1 upcoming in Columbia, SC on 11/21/14.  Only 8 Men in F3 have earned the Red Heavy Patch.

Time to fix that.  (GORUCK Heavy video – look for Checkpoint, Donkey Kong and Dora)

GORUCK Heavy is something you will have to train for! There are PT standards for push-ups, sit-ups and rucking. PT Standards are 55 Push-ups, 65 Sit-ups (Army PT Standards) and a 12 Mile Ruck in 3.5 hours. F3 boot camps and rucking 15+ miles each week is needed.  Your ruck will also have to weigh a minimum of 35lbs with no water in it.

When: 3/13/15  Start ~ 1:00 p.m.

Where: Charleston, SC

Who: F3 Nation

Why: It’s time to raise the Bar

Cost: $170

Pay Now and comment below with your F3 Name, Region & Paid

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**You will receive your gear discount after you pay above and F3/Dallas provides you the private GORUCK Event page to register w/ GORUCK.

UPDATE 12-15-14:
We are off the waitlist, please pay and we will max out at 70 guys.  This is going to be the biggest F3 CSAUP Event.

Training – F3 Bootcamps, Ruck focused workouts and rucking 15+ miles each week is needed (Minimum). A marathon ruck is highly recommended and will allow you to test your feet, gear and conditioning for this event.  We will organize 1 – 2 marathon rucks.

– “There is a difference between thriving and surviving the Heavy” – Dora

– “You need to make sure you are familiar with your gear, practice with what you will have with you during Heavy, maneuvering through equipment should become second nature.” – Friday

Training Links

–    GORUCK 6 Week training program (link here)

–    SPEARHEAD Pathfinder Program (link here) (Pathfinder Class 04 starts 12/1, earn your patch)

–    Ruck Focused Training (link here)

Gear – if you have done a challenge you know what you might need and prefer.  Please look here at GORUCK’s packing list. What you need will be determined by the weather that Friday & Saturday.

The biggest question is boots or shoes.  F3 guys that have done a Heavy have used Salomon XD Pro 3D, Oakley Water Boots and Keen Boots.  You will need 3 – 4 pairs of good socks.  Don’t fail to plan and train. Testing your equipment at Heavy is a plan for failure and will create a long day for you.

Communication – Updates will be done via this post and via email once you have paid.

Questions? email Dallas at  A NoCo team is planning this event