The Lame Duck regulars decided last week to move LD up 15 minutes to a 0530 start. YHC struggled to get out of the fartsack, but I’m glad I did. I pulled into the parking lot a couple of minutes late to find just Epoxy and Go Long. Scheduled Q Yukon was MIA. Since he’s posted alone more than once, I’m glad he’s getting a break. I secretly hope he’s getting in that long desired post at Fight Club. We decide on a Community Q and YHC gets us started with warm ups.

Warm Up:
-20 Side Straddle Hops
-10 Good Mornings
-20 Imperial Walkers
-10 Sir Fazio Arm Circles forward
-10 Seal Claps
-10 Overhead Claps
-10 Sir Fazio Arm Circles reverse
-10 count leg over leg stretch (right over left)
-10 count leg over leg stretch (left over right)
-10 Mercans
-Epoxy takes the wheel for the main event

The Thang:
-Paint the lines down the playground side of the parking lot
-10 Prisoner Squats, jog to other end of parking lot and back
-5 Prisoner Squats, jog to end and back
-5 Prisoner Squats, karaoke (facing playground) to end and back
-5 Prisoner Squats, jog to end and jog backwards back
-Move to rock pile, grab a rock. 10 reps of sets of curls, overhead presses, triceps extensions, bent over rows. Put rocks down
-Leave rocks, mosey to track. One lap around track, with a stop at the benches for alternating left right step ups x10 and irkins x10. Repeato. Finish lap, return to rocks
-Rotate to a new rock. Perform variation sets of curls (only halfway down), overhead presses (quick raise, slow lower), triceps extensions (quick raise, slow lower), and bent over rows (quick raise, slow lower)
Pigpen’s turn:
-10 ‘Mercans (on Q down) followed by 10 LBCs (in cadence) repeato x4 (5 sets total)
-Mosey to lower wall
-People’s Chair, PAX 15 count down the line
-Balls To The Wall, PAX 15 count down the line
-Peoples’ Chair, PAX 10 count down the line
-Mosey to bricks in upper parking lot
-Lateral Raises x10 IC
-Forearm Raises x10 IC
-Overhead/shoulder presses x10 IC
-Triceps Extensions x10 IC
-Bent Over Flys x10 IC
-Return bricks. Return to lower parking lot
-Return Rocks. Time for a very quick Mary

Go Long:
-Imperial Walkers x10 IC. Yes, we lightly teased him about his choice of a Mary ab exercise. He did great with the cadence.

3 PAX.
Memorial Day convergence with pre-Murph and pre-Ruck options.
Epoxy gave us an update on Azul. Prayers for families affected by suicide. Prayers for all the high school and college kids that will be out on the road this weekend and this Summer.
Go Long took us out.

Naked Moleskin:
I really, really, really wanted to stay in the fartsack this morning, and even considered getting back in as I was getting dressed. I’m glad I made it, and I’m glad Epoxy felt obligated to post after tweeting a response about the new start time the night before. As always, I never regret posting after the workout’s complete.
On a personal note, I’m still in shock at the suicide of a former neighbor this week. Depression sucks and it’s hard to tell just how low people are. If you think somebody’s struggling, please reach out to them.
May you all have a blessed, safe Memorial weekend.
Support each other!

QIC: Pigpen
PAX: Epoxy, Go Long, Pigpen (YHC)
Workout Date: 05/24/19