The great part of Q’ing is that you get to put your stamp on the workout so in a small way, you get to put a small stamp on F3.  Sometimes I have something really pressing on my mind.  That could be physical and the type of workout I want to deliver, like can I deliver a great workout where everyone hates me during the workout but loves me for the push afterward.  Or it could be spiritual, there’s nothing better than delivering a Good Friday Q at Juggernaut.  Or it could be emotional, driving through a hard time in life and using that to deliver a message of hope and perseverance.  But sometimes, quite frankly, you just need to have fun.  It’s May, the weather is perfect, it’s light out and Baileywick has two perfect baseball fields.  Today was about grown men running around and playing a little baseball… with a tennis ball… while doing exercises.

26 PAX came out for the main event.  Some came from EC.  I can’t remember how many, but we went to the baseball field for some pre-game warm ups and did some exercises.  We ran around and everyone talked smack to and about me.  These are my people, and I love them.

Back to the Parking Lot to pick up the late arrivers.  Or the on-timers depending of if you believe EC is mandatory.  5:45, minor disclaimer using the baseball bats provided by Coco Crisp for effect and we were off to the ball fields via a baseball bat passing Indian Run that took us to the entrance of the park then the field.  To CenterField for Warm Up:

SSH x20
GM x20
IW x20
MC x20
Hold Plank

Head to Home Plate for a modified Bad News Bears.
Bear Crawl to First – 5 Burpees
Run to Second – 5 Burpees
Bear Crawl to Third – 5 Burpees
Run Home – 5 Burpees

Now let’s play some baseball.  We split into 2 teams of 13.  Coco also provided a bucket of tennis balls.  I brought 3 tennis balls.  This was incrediblly short sided but you have to love when you F3 brothers tell you during EC, “hey I have a bucket of tennis balls in the Jeep if you need them”.  Of course you do Coco. You have to love F3 PAX.

Here are the rules:

One team takes the outfield while the other team gets into People’s Chair.  Batting team each hits once per inning.  You toss the tennis ball to yourself and swing for the fences.  You get one mulligan.  If you do not hit the ball into the outfield in the air, you do 10 Burpees.  If you hit it to the outfield and it is caught, you do 5 Burpees.  If you hit it cleanly into the outfield for a base hit, everyone in the outfield does 5 Burpees.  If you defy the laws of physics and take one over the fence the outfield does 15 Burpees (this didn’t happen).  Outfielders should plank between at bats.  They typically did not after the first couple of batters.

A few things learned:

  • There is a natural rivalry between soccer players and baseball players.  CDC got a base hit.  He was the only soccer player to do so.
  • Tennis balls have a lot of bounce and are very hard to catch on the run if don’t have time to get under it and use two hands. Ask Tinkertoy.
  • If you are playing baseball with VHS and call for the ball, assume he will ignore that and run you over.  Apparently his “respect” for Papercut only applies to the COT and not the outfield.

Back to the Parking Lot for COT.

As I prepared for this workout, I thought “no message today, just some fun playing baseball”.  But therein lies the message.  Sometimes you have to just have a little fun.  Because while we are leaders in our families, churches, communities, companies, etc., who are striving to be better men every day, deep down we’ve all still got a little bit of that 10 year old boy in us and sometimes you’ve just got to let him out to play.