It was dark, but we didn’t care.  We had one headlamp to share.

Start off with a short jog up to the old Cardinal Gibbons HS field to warm up with a quick set of (20) good mornings, (15) standing dead lifts each leg and (30) count mountain climbers.  We then headed off into the misty morning darkness.  At least one of the congregation was concerned about a cult like mass murder/suicide occurring on the “green-way”.  Do I come off as psychotic?  It would not surprise me.  Anyway, armed with one “Walmart Tough” $5 energizer beacon of hope we moved on.  Along the way, we awoke at least one, maybe two thoroughly annoyed city dwellers slumbering on park benches on our way to the Dix campus.


We made it to the entrance of the Dix campus by the infamous Central Prison.  (Who the F came up with this fabulous route?)  At the soccer field we completed (20) count dieing cockroach, (25) count reverse LBCs, (25) count Russian Hammers, (20) count standard LBCs and finally (30) count high slow flutters.

Next we recovered on the jog up to the “Extra Big Ass Field”.  King David has really honed his skills as a precog and correctly predicted the burpee run that was to come.  We ran across the field doing about, I’d say, (6) sets of around 5-10 burpees between each pseudo sprint.  After the burpee run we jogged it out back to the cars for a quick COT.