800m light jog with high knees, butt-kickers, and one set of strides
Circle up with ssh, imperial walkers, king david kicks x15

** WARNING ** – math required, cheat sheet supplied

Longer intervals sandwiched around a taste of a legendary Pre workout.

— 1000m at 5k, 200m recovery jog

— 1000m at 5k, 200m recovery jog

— 1600m of “30/40s.”  Each of four laps run with 200m at mile pace then 200m at 5k plus 45-60 sec (that may be half marathon pace for some but, sadly, not for me).  Key is no true recovery, discipline is hitting your splits after each 200m, which are run continuously.  True Pre workout has you running these until you miss a split.  His splits were 30 sec/40 sec (hence the name of the workout), and his best was 21 consecutive laps, at or below each of the 42 splits.  Needless to say, 30/40 a bit too ambitious for PAX today, we generally targeted 40-45 sec/55-65 sec.  Very tough to continue to hit the split on the second 200m of the lap, particularly after a number of laps.

— 1000m at 5k, 200m recovery jog

— 1000m at 5k, 200m recovery jog.

Close with hamstring, quad, and calf stretches.

Nice work by PAX, lots of 1000m repeats in 7:00 pace range.


Moleskin: + City of Oaks is 11/3. A number of PAX are slated to run