4 Pax on the proverbial field today, VSF in our hearts.

The Thang:

Leg Presses (Alternating) 2 Sets of 15 (That’s 50% More Reps Per Set Than Tuesday)

Leg Lifts (Alternating) 2 X 15

Leg Rolls (Alternating) 2 X 15

Leg Holds –None of Us, Including Dusfresne, knew where this one fit in the routine (not kidding)  Tony Robbins teleconferenced in from a Power Summit at the Astrodome, to no avail (kidding).

Core Sit Ups–5 X 10 (that’s a nickel package of core from our man Dusfrene)

Elbow/Bicep Squeezes–aka The Chicken Wing–(alternating) 3 X 15

Diamond Arm Push–aka Checkin’ the Animal for Weapons–(alternating) 3 X 15

New Edition: Pile Drivers (Alternating) 3 X 15

COT by Tuck and Maize (Tuck referenced Ephesians in describing the bind of community and brotherhood strengthened by the third strand of Him).

  • To me, our Dufresne is our own Rock of Gibraltar, sitting quietly and thoughtfully high in our sights.  The wind and weather of this world finds its way to him, and he endures it with grace and humility and a smile that could light a thousand homes.
  • He and Mrs. Dufresne–alongside all else–are raising two bright and beautiful children happily and with the same joy all of us show in our very best moments.  Uncommon strength and joy seems common in their House.
  • I look forward to the day that he joins us in the field.