Fashion Weekly Update: YHC notes, respectfully, that two pax–Nard Dog and Epoxy–dressed to impress this morning with collared shirts (100% pure natural fiber no less).  They’d get into the club, no doubt.


Two Firing Lines:

Group 1: Line up with 10 odd pieces of equipment, max reps style:

1. DCPs; 2. KB swings; 3. upright rows; 4. overhead presses; 5. Curtis P with Sears Bar; 6. heavy pipe 7. President Kercher squats; 8. Medicine Ball burpees; 9. Sledge to Mama Junk; 10. Scott Roberts with Cinder Block madness.

Group 2: Line up at opposite end of fat part of creekbed.  Max reps called exercise (dealer’s choice): burpees, mericans, rosalitas, lunge squat series; spartan burpees; you name it.

After Group 1 finishes a good helping of lifts; Group 1 runs full bore across the field carrying all equipment to their waiting brothers; Group 2 does the lifts; Group 1 sprints back to its side and does the calies (that’s kid’s slang for calisthenics).  Flapjack.

We did this mumbo jumbo for a long time-right at 30 minutes.  Boys maxed it out.  Hauled a lot of metal across a darkened field.


  • Heavy Metal boys are always looking to innovate.  Witness the collars for Pete’s sake.  We’ve done circle workouts.  We’ve done field stretch workouts.  Add “lines” to the pile.  Watch out next week for do-decagons.  Geometry.  It’s everywhere.
  • Tclaps to our man Roland for getting through the Heavy Metal workout nonstop for the first time.  The force is strong with that one.  Tclaps for Wapner also being Roland’s dauntless driver.
  • Everyone shared something at COT.  It was Fun Fact day at Heavy Metal.  Highlights include discussion of the Lost State of Franklin; Myrtle being from the Lost State of Franklin; Wapner and 4 other lawyers escaping from a burning fishing boat and swimming ashore.  No hyperbole there; There’s a solid trombone quarter of the Heavy Metal orchestra and Horshack’s oldest turned seven today.  Watch out for Twerk with the birdshot and you’ll find Brown on the surf bringing out the rockfish.  Mr. Rogers?  Slayed it on “Bivouac” in the 5th Grade Spelling bee and again on Roanoke bottom.  He’s a mash-ine.
  • In separate news, Flatline is a thermonuclear engine of boundless energy.  He’s the new Cinderella, ahem, everyone remembers Cinderella, right?  Drives a delorian.  Listens to booming music.  Does one armed muscle ups?
  • Mule this Saturday.
  • Remember Dufresne.  He’s with us.