12 men gathered at Raleigh’s original Saturday workout site for a serving of downpainment appropriately proportioned for this extended weekend. GO!

The Thang:
Jog to the circle, then circle up for…
SSH x25
Mountain Climbers x20
Merkins x15 (4 count, the only way to do ’em)
Windmill x15

Partner up as we jog to the steps by the carousel. Wheelbarrow up the steps, flapjack halfway up. At the top, form two lines on the path until all are in line.

Lunge walk up the path all the way to the pavilion. This slog was broken up into sections as follow:
Lunge walk x15 (4 count, naturally)
Carolina Dry Docks x15 (need you ask)
Lunge walk x15
Wide grip merkin x15
Lunge walk x15
Carolina Dry Dock x15
Lunge walk x15 right up into the pavilion

Find a spot for two rounds of 11’s, because we didn’t lunge all the way up here for nothing!
1. Box Jumps/Derkins OYO
2. Alternating step ups/Dips in cadence

exit the other side and we find ourselves in a picturesque field. Facing toward the carousel, there are some well-spaced landmarks: a tree 30yrds out, a light post 60yrds out, and a telephone pole 90yrds out. To YHC, this seems too good to be true. To the PAX, not so much.

Partner 1 runs wind sprints out/back/out/back to the tree while partner 2 flutter kicks.
Partner 1 runs out/back/out/back to the light post while partner 2 does flutter kicks. Flapjack.
Partner 1 runs out/back/out/back to the telephone pole while partner 2 does flutter kicks.
Full group runs out/back/out/back to the tree once more for grins, except Au Pair, who did flutter kicks. YHC takes full responsibility for poor communication.

Mosey down the field, then crab walk to the steps, bear crawl down the step to the entrance of the carousel. Then mosey to the amphitheater for Mary part 1
WWII situps x30
Freddy Mercury x25
Rosalita x20
Dolly x15
6 inch leg hold, 5 count around the circle

Partner cary. YHC did not give a final destination point, just called out “go” and “switch” occasionally. Very mean. Went about 1/2 way to the bridge. We then did bear crawl the remainder of the way to the island. Maybe worse than the partner carry.

Pull-up work:
5 pull-ups OYO while partner does AMRAP squats. Flapjack.
10 partner-assisted pull-ups. Flapjack.
Repeat two previous sets.

Mary part 2:
LBC x25
Russian Hammers x20
6 inch leg hold, 5 count around the circle