The Post-Memorial Day Virtual Shovel Flag was planted and ten PAX members took on a big hill for today’s work-out. Let’s look at the tape:

Mosey down the hill – COP – SSH, Good Mornings, Mountain Climbers, and Merkins.

Five trips up and down the hill (Covered almost four miles):
1.) Jog halfway/Sprint the rest to Ridge Road;
2.) Sprint to school entrance and jog the rest of the way to Ridge Road;
3.) Sprint to Ridge Road #burner;
4.) Slightly faster than a jog to Ridge Road;
5.) Jog to school entrance and sprint to Ridge Road.

Mosey back to school entrance for three minutes of Mary.

LBCs, Boat/Canoe, and Heels to Heaven.


Naked Moleskin:

– Yo-Yo, Velvet, and Enron dominated the hills this morning. Strong work!
– Showcase jumped out of the car and commented on the weight of the folks standing in the parking lot. Come out every week and Enron will keep your weight down! Good work out there this morning!
– Lamp ran over for a little extra credit this morning. Strong work, brother!


– F3 Dads this weekend. Do it, do it! You will enjoy it and your kids will really love it!
– Enron is doing a half iron man on Sunday. Dude’s a beast! Triple claps!

Always an honor to spend the morning with the men of F3,