Munson showed up at Pullen Saturday morning for one last hurrah with F3 Nation before tying the knot with the future M. Munson later that afternoon at 2:00 pm. Nineteen PAX showed up for the event, which was not without a little wedding fanfare.

Prior to the commencement of formal workout activities, TARP stepped to the front for a series of special presentations.  First, TARP and Myrtle presented Munson with a green t-shirt featuring arcade game pictures of a husband and wife above the words “Game Over.”  Munson was immediately forced to skin up and put on the Game Over shirt.  Next, Munson was presented with a 50 lbs kettle bell attached to a five ft chain, which Myrtle immediately wrapped around Munson’s leg.

A brief debate raged over whether Munson should be forced to keep the chain and 50 lbs kettle bell on his leg throughout the workout, which was swiftly resolved by Munson removing the chain and taking off running after YHC and the rest of the PAX.


Run across the street to the middle of the Governor Morehead School campus for Warm up of: SSH x 30; Imperial Walkers x 20; Good Mornings x 20; Windmills x 20; Mountain Climbers x 20; Standard Merkins x 10.

Continue to run across the Governor Morehead School campus to a new feature of F3 Pullen: Prison Break Hill.  The top of Prison Break Hill is on the far edge of the Governor Morehead School Campus and the bottom is the outer wall of Central Prison – the maximum security home to North Carolina’s most dangerous convicted felons.  Its also a pretty long hill.

Jacobs Ladder on Prison Break Hill: 7 times up the hill, with descending burpess at the top each time, 7,6,5,4,3,2,1.  Prison squats at the bottom when you finish.  (Public records request pending to get the transcript of the walkie talkie discussion between the two guard towers on either side of Prison Break Hill as the PAX 19 crested the ridge and sprinted to the prison wall. Luckily, no warning shots were fired).

Bear crawl back up the hill, jog back to the middle of campus for Jack Webbs.

Jog to the long Governor Morehead School parking lot along Ashe Avenue.  Partner up.  Partner 1 runs to the top of the parking lot hill and back while partner 2 does continuous exercises.  Switch.  Four times through.  Exercises included star jumps, carolina dry docks, prison squats and burpees.

Jog back to Pullen Park, around to the short stairs on the back side of the lake.  Partner 1 sprints around the edge of the lake, across the bridge to pain island, do five pull ups on the gazebo and sprint back.  Partner 2 does continuous jump ups on the stairs.  Switch.  Three times through.

Jog to the picnic shelter above the half pipe.  20 decline merkins, 20 alternating left right step ups, 20 dips.  Sprint through the half pipe to the tennis courts and back.  15 decline merkins, 15 alternating left right step ups, 15 dips.

Jog to amphitheater for Mary led by the groom himself.  Homer to Marge x 20, high slow flutter x 20, LBCs x 20, WWII sit ups x 20.


Independent reports confirm that Munson was in fact married later Saturday afternoon.  Congrats Munson!  Thanks for holding your bachelor party at F3 Pullen and letting the PAX share in the big day!