A dozen men showed up at the Cougar to get stronger this morning. What started out as a steamy morning would eventually leave us all soaked. Here’s what went down.

Warm Up

Run to the far parking lot and find your very own parking space. Stand on the closest line and do 15x IC Ski Jumps and then 15x IC Ski Hops. Arm circles 10x each way and we’re off…

The Thang

Run down the hill to Culbreth Road and run up to the split rail fence. Feet on the bottom rail for 20x derkins. 10 SSH. Feet on the middle rail for 15x derkins. 10 SSH. Feet on the top rail for 10x derkins (handstand pushups for us shorties). 10 SSH. Feet on the middle rail for 15x derkins. 10 SSH. Feet on the bottom rail for 20x derkins.

Sprint from the entrance to the middle school up the hill to the field. Pick up three tires along the way. Mosey over to the football field where there were cones set up on the far end of the field about 60 yards away. The PAX were split into three groups of four. First man throws the tire and bear crawls to the tire, picks it up and throws it again and bear crawls to it until he gets to the cone. Pick up the tire at the cone and run back with the tire held above their head. While he’s doing this the next man in line is doing squats AMRAP. The next man is doing merkins AMRAP and the next man is running a lap. Cycle through four times with the first exercise changing from bear crawls to traveling burpees to walking lunges to sprints.

With just enough time left we hit a quick under/over so if the PAX weren’t wet and muddy yet this would assure they would go home stinky. Three PAX from each team got into a plank while the fourth man crawled under the first man, hopped over the second and crawled under the third and then planked at the end. The next man did the same until everyone reached the cone.

Great timing as we finished at 6:30 to pick up our toys and head back to the car.


It was an honor to lead (sometimes from behind) this great group of men. Thanks for following me around.