4 pax converged on the Eddie Smith Field House parking lot for a #Fetzer start to the week. Wanting to keep things fresh, YHC decided on a field trip edition and took the pax on a short tour of the most glorious campus in the country, interrupted by some pain under the lights. Tami Taylor was sadly not on hand to witness the fitness, but the pax maintained clear eyes and full hearts all the same.

The thang:


SSH x 30
Good morning x 10
Windmill x 10
Imperial Walker x 20
Arm Circles x 10/each way
Mountain Climber x 20

Group run, one lap around Belk track, with three stops for 10x perfect merkins (Perkins)
(Perfect merkin/Perkin = proper form all the way down, touch chest to ground, arms locked at the top, back straight throughout. Knee-down variation acceptable if necessary, but short-arm and/or bent back reps will not be counted)

Run to Fetzer grandstands

Sprint up the concrete bleachers, 5 Perkins, run stairs back down
Sprint up the concrete bleachers, 4 Perkins, run stairs back down
(and so on)
Sprint up the concrete bleachers, 1 Perkins, run stairs back down

Recover on the run to Ehringhaus Field (.5 miles)

Usain Bolts on the field (Usain Bolt: one pax calls an exercise for the others to do, while said pax sprints the length of the field and back)

Exercises included:
Bows & toes plank
Carolina Dry Docks
WWII Sit-ups
Freddie Mercury
(one other)

Recover on the run back to Fetzer Field (stopping midway for Irkins on the low wall)

2 Honor Rounds of Mary:

Oblique Crunches (both sides)
Freddie Mercury
(two others)



– Tclaps to Wuerfful and Everready for coming back strong in their sophomore week. Glad to hear the initial soreness is (mostly) fading, leaving only feelings of badassery in its wake.

– Tclaps to Carlton for beating YHC to the top of the bleachers and kicking ass generally today. Looking forward to his first Q next week.

– Continued prayers for strength and healing for Dufresne and his family.

– First round of Chapel Hill logo shirts are on the way, should be in later this week. Taking names for the next order here: http://f3.mudgear.com/collections/nc-chapel-hill/products/f3-chapel-hill

– Seeking interest in a F3ChapelHill/F3Durham joint Saturday workout (at a roughly equidistant location somewhere near the big-box DMZ), send thoughts to F3ChapelHill@gmail.com or DM at @F3Adolphus.

– As always, please send any potential EH candidates our way. Looking to explode the CH/Durham region this year.