It was a balmy 38 degrees.  The PAX came ready to work, and Bret Michaels didn’t disappoint.


1/4 mile Warm Up lap.

20 Side Shuffle Hops

20 Imperial Walkers

10 Fazio Arm Circles Forward

10 Fazio Arm Circles Backwards

Mosey to the tennis courts for Dirty Thirty Suicides.

Two Court suicides stopping at the end of a court to do 5 repetitions of an exercise.  This included Burpees, SSH, Merkins, LBCs.  Repeat twice so each exercise done 30 times.

1/2 mile Indian Run

Run to the long parking area for ladders.  Run 100 yards and do ten reps of a Mary themed exercise.  Exercises included Freddy Mercurys, WWII Sit Ups, Hello Dollys, and Windshield Washers.

We did more than this, but this is all I can remember right now.  So if any of those present want to add to the list please do so in the comments.


Another solid workout led by Bret Michaels.  We kept moving and never had a chance to feel the 38 degree weather.  Spit Valve hit it hard, sprinting some of the Ladder sets.