Dean Smith couldn’t make it to witness the F3 interpretation of 4 corners, but he did send in Coach Dougherty from Brier Creek (you do the best you can).  17 Pax headed off into the gloom for today’s edition of Zero Hour.


Jog to gravel lot by recycling for warmup COP – SSH-GM-IW-WM-MC

Jog over to the pit for 4 Corners: Group splits into 4 groups and each group goes to a corner.  Everyone does 8 reps of an exercise and runs to the next corner and does 8 more reps of the same exercise.  Keep going until you have done 4 corners and are back where you started.  Plank until next exercise is called.  We did 8 rounds: Merkins-Squats-Diamond Merkins-Jump Lunges-Dry Docks-Star Jumps-Wide Merkins-Burpees

Jog down to lower field for Russel Wilsons:  Whole group lines up on end line.  Run to midfield-do 10 reps-run to far end-do 10 reps-run back to midfield-do 10 reps-return to start line and plank until next exercise and repeat.  Exercise were (i think): Merkins-Squats-Stagger Merkins-Burpees (there may have been more here – i forget).

Mary (20 each): Rosalita-Dolly-LBC-Russian Hammer


Naked Moleskin

  • Prayers for Howard recovering from pneumonia – Great to see that he was back out in the gloom today in Fuquay!!
  • T-Claps to FNG Cricket from Brier Creek – also War Daddy – #respect
  • Here we grow again – record week last week with no end in sight to the momentum we’ve got now – lots of relatively new faces in the gloom these days – keep spreading the word
  • F3 is going to have a presence at the Krispy Kreme Challenge on 2/8 – sign up now and get with Shaggy and/or Epoxy – 2.0s welcome –
  • Costco HCs to a 6 pack this week via Twitter – and then misses day 1 – #notastrongstart