An unfortunate low turnout day today due to 2 PAX being sick and one being on-call. Fortunately these mortal issues don’t apply to Floyd and Lucky Strikes who had to come up with a workout from scratch today.

Warm up
100 yard run
50 yard run high knees
50 yard run butt kickers
Windmills x 25
LBAC x ??

The Thang: Multiple Pyramids
Staircase pyramid
Run up 2 flights, 20 merkins and back down to the bottom
Run up 4 flights, 15 merkins and back down
Run up 6 flights, 10 merkins and back down
Run up 8 flights, 5 merkins, stay at top

Railing pyramid
10 rows, 1 Derkin
9 rows, 2 Derkins
8 rows, 3 Derkins
Etc, etc

Ledge pyramid
10 dips, 1 box jump
9 dips, 2 box jumps
8 dips, 3 box jumps
Etc, etc

LBC x 30 (cadence)
Froggies x 20
Heels to Heaven x 30
Plank side to side rolls x 20
Windshield wipers x 20


Moleskin: Get better everybody. Hope to see you at Tobacco Road, Thursday 5:30