Keep your eyes peeled for this one.

Warm-Up: Let’s just define this as the period of time where yall can get the mumblechatter out of your system. SSH x20, Good Morning x10, Imperial Walkers x20. Lots of mumblechatter.

The Thang: Run down the blue trail, past The Buttocks, around The Dojo, and to The Kite. So starts the loop:

  • 20 Murkins, run down the dirt trail, 20 burpees at the intersection with the paved path, up the hill to the bridge for 20 pull ups, back down to the intersection – 20 russian hammers, back up the dirt trail.
  • Repeat, adding 5 to each exercise every lap.

Head back to the parking lot at 6:08 for Mary.


  • Welcome FNG Huxtable
  • Thanksgiving day convergence at Dawn Patrol, 0700, or the Ridge Road Turkey Trot (
  • Ethanol moving to Crabtree, start time 0530 on Wednesdays
  • Metamorphosis moving to Mondays