Lamp let me sign up for the Halloween post of Wolfrun and I had this vision in my head of rocking one of those banana costumes you always see at mudruns.  I figured if folks were out at that early an hour and saw a group of guys running after a banana that might make a couple people chuckle.  So after a quick look at Amazon, it was ordered and arrived on Thursdajust in time.

Warm up – there wasn’t one

Now folks may say I resembled a banana shot out of a cannon because the work out was pretty much ‘follow me.’  I tore out of the gate and other than when we almost had a 3 car pile up at the stoplight, didn’t look back until I almost reached the bell tower at NC State.  I don’t know if if was the banana costume or the adrenaline of a Halloween Wolfrun Q but when I stopped to check on everyone, there was only Marley in sight.  We wait for a minute or two for everyone to catch up and for Au Pair to stop complaining and head on over to the bell tower.

At the bell tower we complete Dips x 15, Irkins x 15, peoples chair, Dips x 15, Irkins x 15 and a final round of peoples chair.

With that complete we started our way back.  Hung a left at pullen park so we could hit that crazy long hill and were back with 2 minutes to spare.


Keep everybody safe for the weekend