November 4th – A day that will go down in history as the day YHC was called out for starting his Q with a history trivia lesson (after 30 seconds Maize simply asked if we were going to continue or actually do a workout…he has his own unique way of nudging).  Seriously though, as YHC prepared for his True Grit Q beatdown, a thought flashed through my mind…


While this is always true with a YHC Q, I opened the iPad and checked this date in history.  Hmmm, November 4th, 1979… a pretty important event occurred in American history.  Let’s see if the PAX knows…13 PAX answered the Twitter Call and posted to cast their votes for more burpees and hill runs.  YHC and Macgruber were hoping a friend would post that we’ve been EH’ing for over a year…no show…with Maize pulling up, the bakers dozen was in place…here’s how it went down.

WARMUP:  Let’s start with a brain teaser – Does anyone know what happened on this date in 1979?  Wendell Gee was close…more on this later…

  • SSH x 30 (quickened the pace about halfway through)
  • Imperial Walkers x30 (quickened the pace about halfway through)
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • Hold position and do a 1 arm Merkin on each side [lots of Mumblechatter among our Jack Palance wannabees] – we’ll have to try that again sometime.
  • Brief jog around the parking lot before heading down path towards the dam.  Quick left around the fence to bottom of Dam Hill – YHC yelled for the PAX to take the hill – AYG sprint to the top
  • Plank Hold followed by 10 Burpees OYO
  • Resume jog on top of hill towards the large field / High Knees for 40-50 yards, turn right down path back down behind the fence to the bottom of Dam Hill
  • Take the Hill – Plank Hold at top – Prisoner Squats x 10
  • Recover on the jog down path towards field, take a left down the path towards the lake. Brief stop for all PAX to catch up (Ron Mexico pointed out the white line on the path and asked if we were going to do a speed test – now that you mention it – AYG sprint to the pullup bars)

Circle up:  2 PAX perform 5 pullups each while the rest of us do various Mary exercises as all PAX rotate through the pullup station.  We did this circuit twice with 3 pullups on the second round.  Mary exercises were something like:  LBC’s, Reverse LBCs, WWII Situps, Heels to Heaven, Dying Cockroach, etc.  Once completed, line up for Indian Run.

Short Indian Run (200 yards?) to next station by the small wooden bridge.  Awaiting the PAX was the wooden 3 incline bench.  3 PAX rotate through the benches while the rest circle up and perform various called exercises.

  • Round 1:  Bench = 25 reverse LBC’s
  • Round 2:  Bench = 25 Freddy Mercury’s

Called Exercises varied as follows:  Merkins, Swiss Merkins, Plank Hold, Low Plank Hold, 1 arm Plank each side, Carolina Dry Docks, Balance Hold (Plank hold then Right Arm extended and Left Leg extended – Switch to Left Arm extended and Right Leg Extended) #harderthanyouthink

As YHC finished up his second round, I was proud to hear Duff call the final exercise for this station:  PCMB’s (Prison Cell Merkin Burpees) – OYO x 10.  Line up for Indian Run back from whence we came.

Indian Run to top of Dam Hill – YHC had all PAX look down from where we first started and then turn around and mosey to the bottom of the lake side of the hill.  Bear Crawl to the top – (the grass was colder than I thought).  Brief recovery.

AYG Sprint across top of the hill to 1st bench and then Karaoke the rest of the way, turning left back down the path to the parking lot for Mary and COT

Mary:  In and Outs x20, Merican Hammers x 15



  • Metamorphasis moving to Monday AM’s (check with Cinderella on Q opportunities and if you want to help with getting Cujo to some of the other workouts)
  • The Arena:  Friday’s once a month – check with Duff and/or Countrywide on joining them
  • Disabled List workouts:  Dice has been the QIC, at least 3 going on now (M-W-F)
  • Thanksgiving Convergence:  Nov 27th @ 7am – Dawn Patrol (Laurel Hills Park)  No other Raleigh workouts that day

MOLESKIN:  YHC returned to his history lesson to remind the PAX about our country’s history and how one event can lead to fundamental changes.  On November 4th, 1979, Iranian militants took over the American Embassy in Tehran leading to a hostage crisis lasting 444 days.  It fundamentally challenged the foreign policy of the Carter administration and was a key issue during the presidential election of 1980.  In April of 1980, President Carter authorized the Delta Force with a covert operation to rescue the hostages that went terribly wrong.  Operation Eagle Wing was a failure but also the spark that lead to a fundamental change in our Special Forces and the formation of a new Navy Seal Team focused exclusively on Counterterrorism – Seal Team 6.

The point here is that we’re all faced with choices in life.  The ballot box is one of them which we must never forget that the right to vote was paid for in sacrifice and blood by our forefathers who had the vision and the wherewithal to withstand the tyranny of their time.  That baton of freedom has been passed down the line through many generations and we must never take for granted that it will easily be passed to the next one.  We must fight for it and the men and mission of F3 help keep me  focused on that noble work.

However, as we ponder our choices in life and at the ballot box, surrounding all of world and personal history is this one fact:  God chose us first.  Ephesians 1:4 – “For he chose us in him [Jesus] before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight” NIV.  Several times we’re reminded in Chapter 1 that God chose us, he predestined us to be his own, to be like his son Jesus Christ.  That is our destiny and I hope we never forget how much God loves us.

Men, keep encouraging one another.  Don’t give into shame.  Confess our sins to one another and experience the love and forgiveness our father offers every day.  It was a pleasure to lead you.  I leave you with this reminder:

Freedom must be defended…