Parking deck

14 Pax members met up at the North Carolina Museum of Art to enjoy a beautiful October morning in this picturesque Raleigh park. YHC had other ideas. Concrete. Lots of concrete.

Let’s see what went down:

– Mosey down Blue Ridge to the badminton birdie building. COP – SSH, GM, Mountain Climber #wheelhouse, Peter Parker, Squats

– Jacob’s ladder up the hill behind the building. Burpees at the top/Merkins at the bottom. Wendell Gee/Otis/Maize brought their early morning “go-go” juice for this segment.

– Partner up – Partner 1 runs to the fire hydrant and does 10 squats while Partner 2 does an exercise. 6x in total. (Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Burpees) x2

– To the deck – Exercises all the way to the top ramp of the deck then Carolina Choo-choo. #sucks #burner

– Four corners of the deck (Jumping Lunge, Merkins, LBCs, and Burpees/Star-Jumps) x2

– Bear crawl down the top ramp of the deck, backwards run, karaoke.

– Head home

– 10 burpees then COT

Naked Moleskin:

YHC’s high school buddy, Otis, came out this morning for his first boot camp work-out. He is quite the runner so it was nice to add some burpees into the mix to slow him down. Hope to see Otis more often in the gloom.

Burt was his typical ball of energy this morning and nothing gets me more fired up than Burt sprinting toward your car pre-work-out to say hello. I’ve come to learn he wakes up around 4:30 to start his morning #ritual so 6:30 launch time is a digestive tract breeze!

Wendell Gee was a man on a mission on the Jacob’s Ladder. He’s obviously getting in shape for the grueling Balsa Gliders world tour. Well, maybe not a world tour but it does span several miles of North Carolina’s Interstate system. I’m sure DMX will be opening for them.

YHC is a real estate guy. He enjoys the built space. Green space is for communists. If you can’t generate income of land, it’s worthless. Sorry Shaggy. We went with concrete today versus art but I’m pumped you were there. See you on Thursday. Same place, earlier time.

Fazio was here but we failed to circle our arms so it probably wasn’t a complete work-out for him.

Utah and Maize have a good thing going with Whiplash! I did miss Maize’s redneck shovel flag this morning but we can’t have everything!

Sign-up for the Mule

Pray for Stedman’s friend, Jerry and Orwell’s family.

Fazio took us out!

Always an honor to spend the morning with each of you.